Gestures for Civil Society: Keystone XL Case


What's Keystone XL? Aside from the actual pipeline, we think the political process involved in this fight exposes challenges the the design of our civil society.

Design Problem: Senate's attempt and capacity to force a decision of the magnitude of Keystone XL through within a 24 hour time period.

Implications of Design Problem: That it was possible that such a major decision could happen within a 24 hour window means that there is an asumption that the public doesn't need to weigh in on it. 

Design Opportunity: The chance to imagine new forms and opportunities for the public to be in dialogue with their elected officials. 

Action: Send quick sketches of systems, processes, scenarios or ways to use current media tools that  have been more inclusive, deliberative, commensurate and democratic to your Senator and to us.

Design Extra Credit: Take a picture of you with your Senator (or someone on their staff) along with your design solution.