Kony Thoughts from Barbara Lewis Director, Trotter Institute

                Let me start by saying I don’t condone Joseph Kony.  However, I wonder about the social and economic hay that the messenger is making from a terrible situation.  What comes to mind is a scene from The Help.  The wannabe white socialite is delighted with her fine self for the fund-raising she has done for the suffering children of Africa.  At the same time, right at home she is busy making sure black women are consigned to an outhouse.  Blacks at a distance are so much more soul-salving than blacks near at hand.  So my question is why is Jason Miller so committed to Africans a continent away but not donating any of his benevolent funds to making sure that black kids in this country are getting their fair stake?  What is he doing to guarantee that black children here are not killed and carted off to prison before their time?  Black students in the Bronx just examined the public school system, charging it with malign neglect, observing that classes are often taught by teachers ushering them to prison and failure.  Is there any sympathy for their plight, the kind of sympathy that raises the specter of a hot tee shirt?