The Urbano Project SERC


The Urbano Project hosted an art installation entitled "Immigration Nation" that featured 400 suitcases made my immigrants. The suitcases were an artistic expression of the success and contribution that immigrations have made in America, as well as an expression of the current social and political climate that is threatening that continued success and inclusion of various immigration groups. The Design Studio For Social Intervention held a Social Emergency Response Center (SERC) at this wonderful installation to create a safe and welcoming space for the community to come together, share ideas, showcases artistic talents, meet new people, and eat food. The event was completely open to the public and inviting to those of all walks of life. 


About The Urbano Project

The Urbano Project is non-profit organization committed to providing youths the opportunity to connect with mentors and the community in order to create socially-engaging art that will spark conversation and interest around socially and politically pressing issues affecting various marginalized groups and unheard voices. 


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