Youth 2 Youth

In April 2012, the Youth 2 Youth Action Summit highlighted 3 public social interventions that youth designed with the Studio to address social violence over the past 4 years. We used a frame of taking a horizontal approach to decreasing horizontal violence and working explicitly in public and in ways that used symbols with cultural relevancy to youth. The R&D Lab brought together approximately 100 youth and adults and included interactive exhibits that invited youth to share their experiences, desires and beliefs about violence. In this way, the Summit gathered important information while simultaneously sharing it with the youth who need it the most.

The three interventions that we highlighted were Big Urban Games (2008), The Grill Project (2009) and Let's Flip It (2010 to present).

Many thanks to our youth organizing partners, including the Boston area Youth Organizing Project (BYOP), the Roxbury Environmental Empowerment Project (REEP), Beantown Society, The City School, Reflect & Strengthen, The Children's Museum, and more! Also many thanks to our volunteers and our curator, Kelly Sherman.