People's Redevelopment Authority

We invite everyone—residents, practitioners, community leaders, merchants, artists, youth—to be a part of the People’s Redevelopment Authority.

What is the PRA?

A COLLABORATIVE LEARNING SPACE—What do we need to know to engage in urban development at the scale of the city?

PRA believes residents should have the authority and knowledge to work at the scale of the city—from block to Boston. PRA will bring together residents, planners, organizers, artists, architects—whoever it takes to put planning in the hands of the community.

AN IMAGINATION PROJECT—What would Boston look like if it was shaped by residents?

What kinds of policies would we make and what kinds of spatial strategies would we choose to forward? We have a hunch they would be more equitable—and better looking—than these cookie-cutter condos coming down the pike now!  

Join Us! We kick it all off this month:

Whether you’re wondering about a lot near your house, worrying about gentrification in your neighborhood or wanting to join others in sharing knowledge and skills to create a new vision for Boston, WE WANT YOU!

The People’s Redevelopment Authority is a project of the Design Studio for Social Intervention and the Fairmount Cultural Corridor. Through the PRA we hope to have a real, resident-led impact on development without displacement along the Corridor.