RFP: Destination Upham's

Photo from Black Citizenship Project.

Photo from Black Citizenship Project.

Attractors turn places into destinations. For communities of color here in Boston, there aren’t enough attractors in the mix such that we have adequate destinations. We want to create regular public spaces where people of color know they can drop by to relax, be inspired, dance, listen, and more. The Design Studio for Social Intervention (DS4SI), in collaboration with the Fairmount Cultural Corridor, the Barr Foundation and the New England Foundation for the Arts (NEFA), seeks proposals from artists to “make space” in and around Upham’s Corner.


DS4SI is particularly interested in proposals from artists of color and local artists who live along the Fairmount Cultural Corridor. Our hope is that collectively we can contribute to making Upham’s Corner a destination for residents along the Corridor and beyond.

What do we mean by “making space”?

We want informal, public community-building and engagement; we imagine things like Claudio Prado’s whimsical “Rua Augusta” project in Sao Paolo, where he’d bring his living room furniture out to the street every late Saturday night to make his community’s own Saturday Night Live, or our Black Citizenship Project, where folks waiting at a busy bus stop might find themselves a part of Kizzy’s Appeal, with local poets, actors and dancers collaborating to bring to life the modern day losses of young Black sons and daughters. We imagine chances to dance to live music, eat fresh local food, engage with art and artists, do yoga in public, talk about daily life, and imagine the future.


We have access to do pop-up “activations” and performances in the beautiful old Bank of America Building (555 Columbia Road) in Upham's Corner. Artists can also use nearby outdoor spaces.


We are looking for events to occur between July 14th and October 14th. Each proposal should include at least 4 days and/or evenings of programming.

Proposals are DUE July 6th by midnight.

How much?

Awards will range from $1000-$2500. We are looking to accept 7-10 proposals.

How to Apply:

Please answer the following questions in no more than 3 pages:

1)      What is your idea/vision for “making space” in Upham’s Corner? Please include some specifics about what you plan to offer.

2)      Will you be collaborating with anyone? If so, please briefly describe collaboration. (Not required.)

3)      What experience do you have doing this kind of public art? (If you do not have experience in this type of public art, please describe what experience you do bring.)

4)      What is your relationship to Upham’s Corner and/or the Fairmount Cultural Corridor?

5)      What is your plan for outreach to the community(s)?

6)      What is your total budget and how much are you asking for? Please include a short description of what the funds are for (including your time). It is okay if you are asking for your total budget.

In addition, please send/attach 2-6 samples of your work. (Photos or video links.)

Send proposals to uphams @ ds4si.org by July 6th at midnight. You may also ask us questions via that email address.

FOR A PDF OF THIS RFP, CLICK HERE. Please share widely!