School Lab Interns Hack Diagrams


A few weeks back our School Lab User Researchers were visited by an old Studio friend, artist Judith Leemann. As a professor at Mass Art, she'd found that her students were better able to talk about their art-making process if they didn't actually have to talk about it. Rather she offered them a unique variety of diagrams and invited them to "hack into" them to use them to describe their work. Hearing about their success, we decided to do the same with our School Lab project. Judie came in and invited our interns to hack into some unusual diagrams and use them to describe the physical, social and temporal elements of their school hallways. Below is some of their work!

Like Judith's Mass Art students, our interns found that this strange task helped them get at some of their views of hallway life in a new way, from the challenges of hallway flow (and their tendency to blame the students in their way vs. the hallway as a flawed system) to the sturdiness of social life and romance as part of every 5 minute class-switchover!

Thanks Judith!