Public Kitchen Images...

Our "Hub" at Upham's Corner Main Street

DS4SI's Public Kitchen connected hundreds of residents in Upham's Corner and down Dudley Street. We hosted a week of the "pop-up food community center" at Upham's Corner Main Street (many thanks to Max and all our guests!) We also enjoyed multiple meals, events and artists at the amazing Dudley Greenhouse and the lovely Shirley Eustis House. Here are some peeks into the action...

Lead chef Nadine Nelson cooked up some amazing spreads!

Toni Tipton-Martin's amazing images from her Jemima Code Art Exhibit

A young participant uses our Mobile Ideation Kit

The "extreme radical chef" competition in action at Friday's Unconference

City Growers and Dudley Greenhouse and Red Fire Farm offered us amazing fresh local vegetables

Feast Mass raised and donated $1500 for a miini grant on Saturday

We'll keep you posted as we move forward on digesting all we learned during our 10 days of Public Kitchen! If you were a part of it and would like to share ideas for how to move it forward or re-imagine it, feel free to email us at publickitchen [at]

Public Kitchen was an intervention aimed at social and food justice-- an experiment in how more vibrant public infrastructures can improve the quality of our lives. Our art and design team included Chef Nadine Nelson of Global Local Gourmet and the Golden Arrows design collective.  Many thanks to our community partners : Upham's Corner Main Street, The Food Project, Shirley Eustis House, Haley House, Dudley Street Neighborhood Initiative  and City Growers.